New Adventures in Responsive Web Design

We want to use new technologies and smart processes like atomic design, but how can we use them efficiently, and how do we achieve it within a reasonable amount of time?

New Adventures in Responsive Web Design

Vitaly Friedman

Editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine

With HTTP/2, Service Workers, Progressive Web Apps, Responsive Images, Flexbox, CSS Grid Layout, SVG, WAI-ARIA roles and Font Loading API now available in browsers, we all are still trying to figure out just the right strategy for designing and buildings responsive websites efficiently.

What we'll cover

  • new front-end techniques and strategies
  • layout techniques (Flexbox and CSS Grid)
  • Custom CSS Properties and
  • dealing with web fonts (options, strategy, code snippets)
  • optimizing for HTTP/2
  • performance issues/strategy (best practices + HTTP/2 + HTTPS + prefetching techniques)
  • maintenance issues (e.g. dealing with legacy browsers)
  • progressive web apps and offline functionality
  • service workers and implication on design and development
  • common front-end challenges and solutions
  • accessibility issues and techniques


29 August from 9:00 to 17:00 at Belvoirpark, Seestrasse 125, 8002 Zürich


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Vitaly Friedman - The Dirty Secrets Of HTTP/2, a Smashing Case-Study

from Frontend Conference Zurich on Vimeo.