A Maturity Model for Design Systems

A workshop for anyone planning, attempting, building, evolving, or perfecting a design system.

A Maturity Model for Design Systems

Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan

President, Sparkbox

For the last five to ten years, systematic design and development practices have been growing and growing. It’s no wonder that, once we put a name on this snowball (hello, design systems), it only picked up speed. If you manage more than one site, if you support more than one brand, if you want to be more efficient or more consistent or more unified in your product building approach—this is the workshop for you.

We’ll talk through the stages of healthy design system maturity, top priorities and concerns in each stage, and how to progress from stage to stage. We hope to expand your perspective beyond technologies and tools to include human and organizational processes.

What you’ll learn

We’ll dig into the four major concepts covered by the Design System maturity model developed from years of interviews and industry-wide surveys:

  1. The stages of design system maturity
  2. How a design system’s origin story impacts its path through maturity
  3. A framework for maturing in a healthy way
  4. A framework for maintaining stability.

Then we’ll look at each stage in greater detail to understand:

  • the common characteristics
  • the primary challenges
  • the core priorities
  • what your next steps should be in the maturity of your design system.

We’ll dive into the delicate balance between flexibility and consistency. We’ll discuss an additive approach that will allow you to move from one stage to the next and keep your team and system in good health. And finally, we’ll offer strategies for you to assess your current stage and discover opportunities to fill in the gaps you might have missed along the way.

Join this workshop for a half-day of discussion that will reframe the way you think about the people and the processes your design system was built to support.

Who should join

The workshop for anyone planning, attempting, building, evolving, or perfecting a design system.

What you need to bring

Bring your own Laptop.


25 August from 13:00 to 17:00 at Unic, Baslerstrasse 60, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland

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