Augusto Bianchi / Indi Young (remote)

Principal Designer in User Research / Qualitative Data Scientist

Augusto Bianchi / Indi Young (remote)

Principal Designer in User Research / Qualitative Data Scientist

Augusto Bianchi / Indi Young (remote)

Measuring Value for People – via Listening Deeply

Ethics, harms, ecosystems, the planet, and the effect of dominating economic players–how can we address these through the work we do? The job we have? The roles we play?

Yes, there are ways. Many of you are already involved. At the moment it is a “grass roots” thing, a movement, a resistance to where we have ended up over the past 30 years. It’s our resistance to letting the next 30 years stomp all over people in pursuit of excessive profit. We are choosing to see past the boundaries of our solutions and our orgs to build more equitable and respectful support for people addressing their purpose. Their way.

Indi will speak about helping mindset shifts happen at work.

- From single solution to a variety of solutions
- From encoding predictions about individual behavior toward being able to support the brilliance of each human mind, of communities, and of ecosystems
- From supporting the biggest part of the market but not “edge cases” toward to supporting a variety of human approaches
- From measuring how well an org or its solution is doing to measuring how well people are doing
- From strategic decisions made based on the usual inputs to strategic decisions that also include people’s purpose

How can we see what to fix, where to support people better, where to offer more inclusive support? What knowledge do we need to do this?

We need a deep, powerful understanding of the patterns in people’s approaches–but not from big data. Big data can tell us how people have interacted with solutions, across a huge number of people. We also need to know how people have thought, not about solutions, but about the thing they were addressing. What was their inner thinking? The emotions and guiding principles that came into play. This interior cognition tells a human story and adds incredible value to big data. Imagine only knowing how much certain demographics of people spend on their pet in a life-or-death event, without knowing the interior cognition involved in deciding how to handle the situation. Take away the demographic restrictions, and understand a broader swath of people’s interior cognition, and your team will create much more supportive solutions than before.

Our teams will take time to build this knowledge, and it will power a surer path forward into the next 30 years of technology, ethically harnessed in support of people, communities, ecosystems, and the planet.


Augusto Bianchi

Augusto Bianchi is a designer with vast experience working in User Experience. He currently works at Roche Diagnostics International as Principal Designer in User Research. He applies design research, builds solid relationships, and impacts projects by enabling customer-centric best practices and strategic thinking.

Before Roche, he spent 18 years working as a designer across different countries, cultures, and types of organizations - from government and NGOs to startups and corporate. He sees diversity as an asset that guides empathy, reveals opportunities, and improves the way technology supports people.

Indi Young (joining remotely)

Indi is a purpose-focused qualitative data scientist.

She spends the majority of her time helping spread techniques, confidence and humanity among UX and Product practitioners. Indi also runs research project for clients, and coaches teams through their research studies. Indi teaches applied research skills such as listening and qualitative data synthesis through courses and Live Practice hosted on her website.

Indi's method is focused on people, not users.

She pioneered opportunity maps, which are mental model diagrams of people's approach to a purpose aligned with the support a solution provides--or doesn't. She helps teams map thinking styles with careful attention to resisting assumptions and representing the interior cognition of people in their own context. Teams can then measure the level of harm they cause to approaches that are outside the org's assumptions.

Indi intends to help the field move toward creating a variety of solutions to the same purpose, in support of the variety of thinking styles people have.

Indi has written three books, Time to Listen, Practical Empathy and Mental Models. She is at work on another book in the series, Assumptions Aside, that will cover thinking styles.

She was one of the founders of Adaptive Path, the pioneering UX agency.

You can follow Indi on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter and access many resources on her website and at