Wondering what standing on that stage feels like?

Do you want to be on the other side for once? Lightning talks give you the chance to share a tiny slice of your knowledge with the audience in a 10 min talk.

Do you have an interesting project you want to present, helpful lessons learned, new ideas to put out there? Don't hesitate to suggest a talk. Even more so if you have no stage experience at all. Every single one of our invited speakers did stand on a stage for the first time. We would absolutely love to help you start your speaking career!

The steps:

  • Phrase a title and a summary of 2-3 sentences for your talk.
  • Submit it (we will share the link on Thursday morning) until Thursday 23:59.
  • Let the audience (including yourself) select their favorite talks until Friday 12:00.
  • The 6 selected talks are announced after lunch.
  • Between 15:15 and 15:45, there will be 3 talks held on each stage.