GraphQL - the future of APIs

GraphQL is the Swiss army knife of APIs. In this workshop, we will show you why.

GraphQL - the future of APIs

Thilo Haas / Benjamin Brossi / Peter Manser

Thilo Haas / Benjamin Brossi / Peter Manser

We’ll introduce the basic concepts, show you how it combines developer experience with a comprehensive toolset and give you the opportunity to experiment with your own GraphQL API.

This talk is for you if you’ve ever experienced that:

  • your landing page makes 20 API calls to get all necessary data
  • you request an API which returns 1MB of data but all you needed was one single flag?
  • the underlying API changed without you noticing for months?
  • the nice and clean swagger/openAPI documentation isn’t actually in sync with the API?
  • the openAPI documentation containing filters: array[object] without any further description of how you can retrieve all films longer than one hour starring Rowan Atkinson?
  • you consume three REST APIs but all behave differently?

For these and many more problems, GraphQL offers solutions.

What you’ll learn

GraphQL is easy to get started and hard to master. In this workshop we will look into the basics and how to kick off a project, as well as some insights and hints from our experience of large scale production environments running on GraphQL.

Specifically, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • How GraphQL works and how it is designed
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and follow best practices
  • How to build a GraphQL API
  • How to fetch and write data with GraphQL
  • How to transition from your existing REST endpoints to a GraphQL API
  • How to leverage the power of GraphQL and integrate it into your web application
  • How to scale, measure and monitor your GraphQL API

What you need to bring

Bring your own Laptop. We will do some hands-on sessions with coding and experimenting Basic knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js is recommended


24 August from 9:00 to 17:00, Zürich

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