These are the Lightning Talks 2018

These are the Lightning Talks 2018


Zero-bug launch & 100% user acceptance

Lukas Müller – Head Strategy Development – CISTEC

Beyond Pokémon GO: Tangible benefits using AR for real service business

Lukas Ehrensperger – Head of Omnichannel Division – ELCA Informatik AG

Progressive Web Apps for the 99%

Nico Martin – Frontend-Developer – Say Hello GmbH

Coding Academy for Refugees

Christian Hirsig – Founder – Powercoders


Frontend First Development

Fredi Bach – Senior Frontend Engineer – Unic AG

Reusable frontend components using yarn workspaces, data- attrs and twig

Anton Staroverov – Design System Architect – WONDROUS

Ooth - a User Accounts System for Node

Nicola Marcacci Rossi – Senior Web Engineer – smartive AG

Blockchain meets Frontend Technology

Waleed El Sayed – Blockchain Developer – 4eyes