Call for Lightning Talks

Call for Lightning Talks

As a conference attendee, you get the chance to present or discuss a topic within 5 minutes as a Lightning Talk. Please make sure that your talk doesn't last longer – it will be capped after exactly 5 minutes. So the other speakers have enough time to give their presentations as well.

Please submit your Lightning Talk proposal until 01 August 2018, latest. We will inform you until 15 August 2018. Slides need to be submitted till 25 August 2018 as a PDF so we can prepare it for the conference. The official language of the conference is English.

Submit your proposal


  • Only attendees of the Frontend Conference Zurich are allowed to submit a talk proposal.
  • The talks will be filmed and made available online for free.
  • Travel and accommodation costs will not be covered by the organizers.

How to give a good lightning talk?

Check our our tips!